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GP Bullhound takes a look at Asian technology investments into Europe and US

GP Bullhound, a leading technology advisory and investment firm, has taken a look at Asian technology investments into Europe and the US.

Elsa Hu, Executive Director at GP Bullhound, told MVPro Magazine: “We see strong Asian outbound activities in Q1 2019. If you take out SoftBank, however, deal volume decreased by 13% from Q4 2018. In fact, the five largest investments from Asia into European and US tech in the past quarter all had SoftBank’s involvement.

“In light of the ongoing trade negotiations and tightened US regulatory scrutiny, European targets continue to enjoy popularity. The value of deals with European targets increased by 57% from $1.9bn to $3.0bn on a QoQ basis, while the deals with targets in North America decreased by 47% from $4.6bn to $2.5bn on a QoQ basis.

“Strategic investors such as Tencent, Alibaba, Samsung, and NTT play a more important role as Asian tech giants endeavour to grow global.”

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