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FUJIFILM upgrades lens series with “anti-shock and vibration” design

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Fujifilm has updated its DF/HF-HA-1B series lenses to ruggedised versions equipped with the unique Fujinon “Anti-shock and Vibration” technology.

Fujifilm told MVPro Magazine that demand for quality optics in ruggedised versions continues to increase and the designated DF/HF-HA-1S is designed to meet that demand.

The Fujinon HA-1B series lenses are already in wide use across a variety of manufacturing environments, from automotive to electronics to pharmaceutical. These applications often have strict space constraints, making the external diameter of only 29.8 mm an attractive feature. The Fujinon HA-1S upgrade provides vibration mitigation and shock absorption within the existing design, so the compact form factor remains.Nina

Kürten, Sales Manager at Fujifilm, said: “A ruggedised Fujinon HF-HA-1S provides mechanical robustness for reliable performance in machine vision applications such as automated assembly, quality inspection, and industrial robots. It expands the base to where quality optics are required but where ruggedized design is also a significant factor, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile applications.

“These lenses are compatible with image sensors up to 2/3” in a broad selection of focal lengths (6, 9, 12.5, 16, 25, 35, 50, and 75mm). The optical performance of the upgraded series is identical to that of the Fujinon HF-HA-1B.”

The Fujinon HA-1S will be available from January and will become the new standard version, eventually replacing the Fujinon HF-HA-1B as current stocks are depleted.

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