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FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH

One-for-all Machine Vision Lens Series for 1.1”-Sensors and 2.5 µm Pixels

The technical advancement of image sensors for Machine Vision brings higher spatial resolution resulting in larger sensors and smaller pixels. This development created big challenges for vision system designers as it was difficult to find the right lenses for such sensors: High resolution power, strong light transmission, distortion-less imaging, short minimum object distance (MOD), a small Chief Ray Angle (CRA), and all this from the center to the edges of the large image circle – these were just the optical requirements. Equally important remain the compact build of the lenses and their robustness against shocks and vibrations.

FUJIFILM thoroughly listened to the needs and pain-points of its Machine Vision customers and created the CF-ZA-1S series to meet all the above-mentioned requirements and goes even beyond. The CF-ZA-1S lens series is designed for use with all standard machine vision cameras that use C-mount, an image sensor of up to 1.1” optical format, and pixel pitches from 2.5 µm, which equals up to 23 megapixels. The MOD is just 100 to 200 mm and the maximum CRA is at 4.9° as required by the latest high-resolution sensors. This guarantees a high relative illumination across the entire image without vignetting.

FUJINON’s patented Anti-Shock and Vibration design limits shifts of the optical axis to 10 µm and ensures constant resolution power in the typical, rough manufacturing environments. These lenses also come with knurled screws which cannot accidentally fall out anymore and get lost or damage sensitive manufacturing machines during installation or maintenance.

All these features are designed in a compact build with the world-smallest external diameter of just 39 mm for the 1.1” optical format. The series provides a lineup of six different lens models with different focal lengths from 8 to 50 mm, allowing customers to choose the lens most appropriate for their desired application. The CR-ZA-1S is the universal one-for-all solution of modern machine vision systems. It will be available from Q1 2019.


Fixed-Focal Lenses – 23 Megapixel

About FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH

FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH is responsible at its Kleve location for the sales, marketing and servicing of professional FUJINON lenses for TV and film productions, CCTV and Machine Vision as well as FUJINON Binoculars in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa.

For many years, FUJINON has been creating award-winning lenses. It develops and produces innovative, cutting-edge solutions for almost every application in the entertainment industry, security systems and industrial image processing.

The professional lenses for TV and film productions redefine the limits of high resolution, high contrast ratio and high dynamic range. They create the pin-sharp TV pictures and help camera operators film stunning, powerful scenes.

Thanks to the Megapixel-Zoom and Megapixel-Varifocal lenses, CCTV systems are becoming high resolution. The steadily growing portfolio of precise Machine Vision lenses for industrial image processing ensures minimal distortion for highest image quality, even under harsh conditions.

FUJINON binoculars are known throughout the world. In particular, the binoculars are very much appreciated by users in professional and semi-professional areas.

FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH


Telefon: +49 2821 / 7115 400


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