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FRAMOS partners with Rhonda Software

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

FRAMOS has partnered with Rhonda Software as part of it strategy to strengthen embedded vision development.

FRAMOS has added Rhonda Software to its trusted supplier and partner network to complete its embedded vision and module offering.

Rhonda Software is one of the primary product development companies for Ambarella based ISPs, SoCs and SoMs, to support customers with facilitated and accelerated platform options to develop cutting-edge vision solutions.

Rhonda Software is a software and hardware design house with a focus on embedded solutions in the areas of imaging, multimedia and Connectivity.

Established in 1995, the Chicago headquartered company owns decades of engineering experience and a history of hundreds of camera products.

The Ambarella design partner employs 100+ engineers and experts in still and video processing, connected devices, computer vision, cloud services and mobile applications. Offering numerous features out-of-the-box, like UCV streaming, Bluetooth and BLE connectivity, various camera control options, dual imager support, Raspberry Pi integration and a very small footprint, the Rhonda solutions that includes their camera SDK built on top of the low-level Ambarella system support package (SSP) allows customers to speed up development cycles of complex custom cameras and embedded systems.

Darren Bessette, Category Manager Devices at FRAMOS, said: “We are extremely happy to collaborate with Rhonda Software, their technologies and products are an optimal addition to our portfolio of imaging solutions, ranging from sensors to systems, that support our customers with developing high-end embedded vision solutions with a short time-to-market. Customers benefit by accessing their SoCs and SoMs and Rhonda’s API solutions while directly working with Ambarella to seamlessly integrate imaging processing into vision modules.”

Andrey Mischenko, CEO of Rhonda Software, added: “We are very pleased to have entered into this technological partnership with FRAMOS. Our Embedded Vision products are designed for forward-thinking OEMs and developers with demanding needs. With their professional expertise in imaging technology, helping engineers to build machines that see, FRAMOS has also positioned itself as a forward-thinking machine vision industry leader. Additionally, this collaboration offers great benefits to Ambarella users and vision developers to shorten their time-to-market. We look forward to a very close and long-term relationship which will benefit our mutual customers.”

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