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Frame Grabbers – A Look At The Major Players

Happy New Year And All That

I know we’re all sick of wishing each other a happy new year, but you’ll have to forgive me, as this is the first issue of 2019 and therefore I must say it. So there we are, happy new year.

It’s the last year of the decade of course and already VISION 2018 is fading into the distant memory. The key thing I took away from my trip to Stuttgart is that the industry appears in excellent health. The exhibition hall had a buzz which reflects the industry’s sense of purpose about the future. Now, official market figures show that growth was flat in 2018, after a boosted 2017, and will likely be the same in 2019, but it’s the realisation that machine vision is entering the mainstream, and has far more applications than ever before, that creates a sense of excitement that you can’t ignore.

However, the global economy is facing some stiff macro headwinds which we are now starting to feel, including the US/China trade wars, car industry slowdown and BREXIT. How they will work themselves out during the year remains to be seen.

Having a look at what 2019 might bring is the subject of the Public Vision section at the rear of the magazine. Here I take a look at what analysts are predicting for 2019 and how this might be relevant to our sector.

The main feature in this issue is frame grabbers and it’s amazing how this sector of the industry, almost writtenoff a few years ago, is still crucial to machine vision. The main feature in the next issue looks at new cameras and as always, please let me know what you’re doing in these areas.

We’ve also got a number of interesting secondary features in the magazine, which I’m sure you will find interesting.

Finally, I’d also like to welcome back one of our team from maternity leave. Cally Bennett will be known to many of you and she’s rejoined Sean Welch within the business development department. I’m sure if you haven’t heard from Cally yet, you soon will do!

So let’s have a good year and no doubt I will meet up with a fair number of you on my travels.

Neil Martin

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