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FLIR Launches Brickstream People Counting Sensor with Employee Filtering Solution

  • By Lee Mclaughlan
  • News

Employee Filtering Solution Improves Sales Conversion Data Accuracy and Reliability for Retail Shopping Businesses

FLIR Systems has launched the latest generation of the FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor.

This new version includes a unique employee filtering feature designed to provide retail and shopping businesses with more accurate customer traffic data and sales conversion metrics.

The employee filtering feature uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and employee-worn tags to automatically identify and remove staff from customer counts, a process that can otherwise be manual or missing in retail environments today.

The employee filtering feature is enabled through a small, easily concealed BLE tag worn by employees and registered to the sensor. The sensor automatically identifies staff when entering or leaving the store without any manual action required.

With its patent-pending combination of BLE tag sensor technology, the Brickstream employee filtering feature identifies staff members more reliably.

Retailers access the counts either directly using the FLIR Brickstream user interface, or through integration with their retail analytics software.

“This has been designed to integrate with a retailer’s analytics software to improve data accuracy and provide true metrics to inform decisions impacting retail operational efficiency,” said Serge Goldenberg, general manager of the Integrated Imaging Solutions (IIS) Division at FLIR.

“Equipping retailers with an automated and discrete employee filtering solution solves a problem for those working to collect data insights.”

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