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EyeVision supports range of IP cameras


EyeVision, from EVT, now supports most IP cameras on the market, including Mobotix.

This means that images can be directly loaded into the EyeVision software and a detour via a browser is not necessary.

Due to the IP camera support said EVT, its easier for the user to implement outdoor applications with the EyeVision. For example the reading of a counter reading or the classic IP camera application: the traffic supervision.

Also, IP cameras can give a good overview over areas, which are not accessible for a plant operator. Therefore for example possible collisions can be avoided and in case of disturbance the error search is made easier. This is very important for the process surveillance in the industrial machine vision.

Therefore the powerful EyeVision is now even more flexible. The user can make use of all functions of the software. And also the intuitive self-explanatory drag-and-drop programming is carried out as usual. All applications such as pattern matching, code reading, object counting, color detection, measurement technology, etc. can now be carried out with IP cameras and the EyeVision software. Completely without programming skills.

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