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European IPA provider launches in UK

Digital Workforce Partners

Digital Workforce, a European provider of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) services, has launched in the UK.

The Finnish company brings together both RPA and Artificial Intelligence to offer a broad range of automation services and solutions to businesses, all aimed at enabling purposeful work.

Since its launch in 2015, Digital Workforce has automated over 1,000 business processes for its customers.

Customers include pension insurance company Skandia, Nordea Bank, Norwegian Steel and The City of Espoo in Finland.

The company brings to the UK its Robot-as-a-Service model offering its clients to pay by the minute for Digital Workers to complete robot transactions.

Also, Digital Workforce introduces two new services to the UK market:

  • Run Management, a managed service available to any company, which automates processes and manages incidents as part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) so it’s a guarantee that the work is completed;
  • Robotics Operation Model Acceleration (ROMA) programme, which gives organisations a fast way to skill up and deliver the automation benefits to their business, improving the output and returns from day one.

Jukka Virkkunen, Co-Founding Partner said: “There is a massive market need for RPA – it frees humans from monotonous tasks and allows them to concentrate on purposeful work. People are more effective at conducting creative and innovative tasks, while robots have more use in repetitive and administrative tasks. In order to maximise productivity, the future workplace will require a mix of both robots and humans. We set Digital Workforce up to deliver intelligent digital workers capable of handling more and more complex and business-critical tasks, and it’s with this goal that we launch into the UK today.”

James Ewing, UK Sales Director at Digital Workforce added: “The UK is primed and ready for automation – and there is clearly a demand for it, as we have seen with the Government backing plans to implement more automation technology throughout the country. It is crucial that we ensure we are offering the best-in-class in automation solutions so that we can enable UK businesses to remain at their most competitive as we enter the future of work, and at Digital Workforce, this is what we hope to achieve.”

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