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Etron Partners With EYS3D And Kneron To Develop 3D Deathmap Sensing@AI-On-Edge Solution

  • By Jason Stockwell

The companies are developing a 3D Depthmap Sensing@AI-On-Edge Solution which will provide 3D face recognition and 3D body motion detection for computer vision and machine learning applications of artificial intelligence. MVPro Magazine takes a look.

Coming out of the annual consumer tech jamboree known as CES, which happens every January in Las Vegas, was an alliance between Etron Technology, eYs3D and Kneron.

The three companies plan to jointly develop a 3D sensing solution for terminal Artificial Intelligence (AI)-On-Edge, adopting the 3D natural light depthmap sensing technology.

Providing facial recognition and body motion detection, this collaboration promotes the 3D sensing for AI-On-Edge, which will accelerate the popularization of computer vision and machine learning applications of artificial intelligence.


The face recognition technology market demand is said to be high, relying on AI-On-Edge to enhance the practical value. With Face ID (3D face recognition unlock), the system can not only recognize the user’s face, but also use it.

The mobile phone also records five to six facial features, which means that five to six people can unlock their mobile phones with their faces as long as they are allowed by the mobile device holder. After docking with the face recognition of the edge device, it can control the home information appliances that are connected to the device such as air conditioners and TVs.

The system can also achieve Anti-Face to Face, anticounterfeiting identification, which can be widely used in security monitoring, punch access control system and so on.

Smart Retail

With the rapid rise of smart retail, AI-On-Edge’s 3D Body Motion Detection can accurately perform passenger flow calculations, with 3D smart stereo cameras, with dual lens and 3D depth of field technology, plus passenger flow calculation (People/ Things Counting) algorithm and core image processing technology, can accurately calculate two-way passenger flow, and use the excellent 3D depth image technology (Depth-Map) to provide optimized management for central management through individual detection.

In addition, the system can also identify people, items, and scenes, and can provide the active marketing advertising media needed for smart retail, for electronic billboards, interactive advertising.

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