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New block camera for embedded vision


Entner Electronics has released a new zoom-block camera for embedded vision applications.

The UC-310 is a compact software programmable camera with proprietary electronics and a high quality zoom lens for unprecedented image quality.

The new camera uses a rolling shutter STARVIS sensor to offer a high sensitivity and dynamic range in visible light conditions.

The read-out electronics are optimised to reduce the rolling shutter artefacts by a factor of two compared to current industry standard cameras . This allows integrators to benefit from the advantages of rolling-shutter sensors such as the use of compact, weight reducing optics.

UC-310 camera

To show the effects of Entner’s read-out electronics a rotating fan was recorded comparing Entner’s UC-310 camera with an industry standard camera in parallel.

Both images are acquired at 1080p/60. Clearly visible at comparing the images is the reduction of the ‘bending’ artefact when recording fast moving objects.

The UC-310 camera is compatible with the industry standard VISCA communication protocol to allow for hassle free upgrading of existing imaging systems.

The onboard ARM-based processor offer the user the possibility to integrating DSP functionality in the camera such as object tracking, OSD generation, file management systems and many more.

Marco van Hout, Business Development Manager at Entner Electronics, said: “The UC-310 is the first member of a product family of zoom-block camera’s for embedded vision. This is the next evolution in the industry of embedded vision and enables engineers to start developing their system at receiving the camera without first having to solve the interface and processing part. This approach has many benefits on the level of camera performance as well as it greatly reduces the required integration efforts.”

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