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MVTec MD Eckstein steps down

Dr Wolfgang Eckstein

Dr Wolfgang Eckstein, co-founder, co-owner and one of the managing directors of Munich-based MVTec Software, is stepping down.

A statement from the company said he will focus on his responsibilities as a co-owner and  “…sometime during the year…” will retire from his position as managing director.

The company made a point of saying that it will “…maintain its proven shareholder structure and thus to guarantee long-term stability and growth in the future.”

Eckstein told MVPro Magazine: “MVTec will definitely stay on its growth course and will continue focusing on being the world’s technology leader for standard software for machine vision – while continuing to be independent from third-party investors. After a process of several years that is now coming to an end, I am looking forward to concentrate on my role as a shareholder at MVTec. In this role, I will support MVTec especially in strategic discussions.”

Dr Olaf Munkelt, also managing director at MVTec, co-founder, and shareholder, added: ”I am happy about Wolfgang’s focused role and I am looking forward to continue our proven and trusted collaboration. MVTec sees many new application areas for machine vision and will keep on establishing innovative software products to offer customers the best possible added value in all these areas. In this respect, MVTec will benefit from Wolfgang’s significant machine vision expertise in the future as well.”

To wave farewell and round off his change of responsibilities, Eckstein will be visiting long-standing partners and will be holding presentations in different countries throughout 2019.

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