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Delta Optical Thin Film break ground on new premises

delta optical thin film

Delta Optical Thin Film has laid the cornerstone for its new facility having outgrown both production and office space at its existing base.

The Danish-firm, which was launched in December 2014, is building a larger base, opening in autum 2020, having experienced a doubling of its revenue.

This was achieved by expansion of its customer base, expansion into new territories and new applications such as hyperspectral imaging or laser scanning microscopy.

This growth was supported by investments into new coating machines and technologies. “However, we are now in a situation where further growth is not possible in the current location”, said CEO Poul Svensgaard.

The new building is custom designed to accommodate the very particular needs of manufacturing high-performance optical filters. The new 2,300 square metre building will allow further four-fold growth and also contains clean rooms, offices, a canteen and meeting rooms.

In parallel with the construction of the new building, the company will acquire new coating technology.

“We have been thinking hard about the optimal workflow for our filter production and optimised the layout of the building accordingly. Together with the latest coating technology we will be able to serve our customers even better”, added CTO Henrik Fabricius.

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