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CCS releases new generation of flat dome lights


CCS (Kyoto, Japan), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED lighting in machine vision image processing, has released the LFXV Series, a renewal of its LED flat dome lights.

The company told MVPro Magazine that these lights are effective illumination solutions for packaged goods, especially if their surfaces are uneven, or highly reflective.

The CCS flat dome lights achieve the illumination effects of coaxial and dome lights using a dot pattern printed on the light-guiding diffusion plate.

In the LFXV Series, the plate has been redesigned so that the dot pattern is barely visible in the image for a clearer, brighter field of view. It achieves this illumination effect in a fraction of the space of a coaxial or dome light. To match the growing trend for more compact machine design, the LFXV Series is also slimmer and lighter than previous versions for further space-saving capability.

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