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Canon selects Critical Link to develop senor evaluation kits

  • By Lee Mclaughlan
  • News

Canon has selected embedded solutions company Critical Link to develop new Evaluation Kits for three of Canon’s CMOS image sensors.

Critical Link will make kits for the 120MXS, a high resolution 120MP sensor; the 35MMFHDXS_A, a high sensitivity 19μm pixel size, 2.76MP sensor; and the 3U5MGXSBA, a 5MP global shutter sensor.

Currently in development by the engineering team at Critical Link, the kits will allow developers to test the features and performance of each of the Canon CMOS sensors to ensure a fit with their application.

In addition to early assessment of sensor performance, image system designers will gain access to assets that accelerate development time including complete sensor board design files.

For applications that require on-board image processing, the evaluation kits feature an open architecture design, with the option to embed processing and software with the on-board CPU and FPGA fabric.

“We believe the performance and pixel design of Canon’s CMOS sensors will appeal to OEMs and end users, and that Evaluation Kits will help customers accelerate innovation in industrial vision,” said Omar Rahim, VP of imaging product sales at Critical Link.

Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A, said: “We are excited and proud to select Critical Link to help introduce these CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits into the marketplace. These will allow customers to better test our sensor capabilities and accelerate the design process of their imaging systems.”

Each Evaluation Kit consists of a camera with a pre-installed Canon CMOS sensor, and will include:

  • Accessory package for out-of-the-box operation (quick start guide, power supply, compact tripod, cables)
  • Embedded software to setup the sensor, acquire image data and communicate over USB 3.1 interface with any USB 3 compliant UI
  • PC-based UI application available for download to communicate with the camera
  • Sensor board design files and source code*
  • VHDL code for the FPGA*
  • Visit Canon U.S.A. CMOS sensors for updated information and to reserve an Evaluation Kit.  The kits will be available later in the year.
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