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Cameras – What’s new this year | Robo News, features, updates | MVPRO 14 | ROBOPRO 06 | April 2019

  • By Rachel Bray

We’ve decided to run two of our flagship science and technical titles together and in this issue, you not only get the outstanding MVPro Magazine, but also the ground breaking RoboPro Magazine. So you get an action packed magazine which covers the merging machine vision and automation sectors.

We made this decision because of feedback from our readers which highlighted the convergence of the two sectors; machine vision is blending with robotics. The synergy is there for all to see and we wanted to reflect the way the industry is heading.

And of course we are all aware of of the common trend Industry 4.0 (commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution), which presents us with an entirely new way of operating. Processes and machines now have the ability to adapt in real time, with robotics connected remotely to computer systems. These are being equipped with machine learning algorithms that can learn and control the robotics with very little input from human operators.

So, we’ve done the logical thing and divided our latest issue into two seperate sections, machine vision and automation, providing you with what we hope is great insight into this wonderful industry. And as industries go, it is one of the most exciting out there, fast-paced and full of innovation.

I hope you enjoy our new approach.

Our machine vision focus in this issue is cameras. Every Spring there is a glut of camera news as marketing teams get their new products ready for
a parade in front of the potential buyers. As with previous years, the new cameras being made available to the industry are plentiful and impressive.

We also highlight some of the latest sensor news, plus key industry business news (including a major change at the top of STEMMER IMAGING) and our usual round-up of general news. We also look at the change of Chairman at UKIVA and a report back from the A3 Business Forum in Florida. Our executive spotlight this time features Dr Konstantin Schauwecker of Nerian Vision.

Moving onto automation and as well as a roundup of general and business news, we bring you articles which range from robot bearings, to upskilling and the maintenance cobots. Quite a spread.
And with Automate just around the corner, we look at what two companies are showing.

We’d welcome your feedback on our new look and anything else you’d like to share with us.



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