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Basler MED ace add USB 3.0 9MP and 12MP to range

  • By Spencer Freitas
  • News

Camera manufacturer Basler is to produce eight more colour and monochrome models of the Basler MED ace series for use in the Medical & Life Sciences market.

The new models, which takes the total number of models to 18, are USB 3.0 cameras with 9 MP and 12 MP resolution and are equipped with the best CMOS sensor technology and offer frame rates of up to 42 images per second.

The Basler MED ace colour and monochrome cameras also impress with their unique Basler MED Feature Sets: easy compliance, brilliant image, perfect colour, low light imaging, high speed and industrial excellence.

The sophisticated requirements which Basler configured specifically for the Medical & Life Sciences areas combine hardware, firmware and software functions. Their leading benefit is that they help customers to reduce their development effort. They enable images of the highest quality in the shortest possible time, but at the same time offer full flexibility for individual requirements.

“In addition to the excellent performance, all models have two stand-out features,” said Peter Behringer, team leader product market management medical at Basler.

“First, they are produced, distributed and serviced according to ISO 13485:2016. Second, they excel with our Basler MED Feature Sets that combine high-performance hardware, firmware and software functions especially for applications in Medical & Life Sciences.”

With the certification according to ISO 13485:2016, Basler offers additional and higher quality standards for the production, distribution and service of digital cameras.

Manufacturers of medical or in-vitro diagnostic products (IVD) can thus benefit from an effective quality management system with clearly defined standards. Extensive documentation, reliable product quality thanks to a validated and monitored production, traceability and a comprehensive change management support the conformity with international standards and reduce the customer effort required for quality management audits and product documentation.

The clearly regulated change management plays a particularly important role for customers. This includes the so-called design freeze, which refers to the fixation of hardware and firmware. This enables Basler to guarantee the product continuity of the Basler MED ace over a long period of time.

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