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Basler introduces “Vignetting Correction” into selected cameras

  • By Team

Basler (Ahrensburg, Germany) has introduced the feature of “Vignetting Correction” into selected of its ace U and ace L camera models.

“Vignetting Correction” allows the correction of edge shadowing in the case of an image circle that is too small in relation to the sensor size. It allows users to take advantage of smaller, less expensive lenses without sacrificing image quality.

Vignetting is a well-known phenomenon in image processing and describes the decrease in image brightness towards the edge. If the image circle of the lens used is too small in relation to the camera sensor, this effect can manifest strongly and affect the image quality. Details at the edge of the sensor can then only be inspected poorly, or not at all.

Vignetting Correction is a patent-pending feature from Basler that, it said, corrects the described unwanted effect in a unique way, thereby enabling cost savings when combining cameras and lenses. After a one-time calibration of the camera, there are no negative effects on frame rate or image quality as the correction values are stored in the camera and automatically taken into account in the image output.


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