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  • Taxi to Take Flight In 2024 With $830m Deal

    Lilium GmbH (Lilium), a leading electric air mobility company, announced the development of its electric vertical take-off and landing jet after entering into a definitive

  • Artificial Intelligence | MVPro 25 | April 2021

    I’m sure I’m not along in thinking that adaptation has become central to our lives over this past year. From home schooling to shopping, virtual

  • French Company Named No.1 for Facial Recognition

    IDEMIA today announced that its facial recognition algorithm, “1:N” came top among 75 tested systems and 281 entrants in NIST’s latest FRVT. FRVT measures how

  • Europe’s First Car Battery Recycling Plant to be Built

    With the help of a loan of up to €25 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Poland will become the site

  • Lowest Read-Out Noise SWIR Camera Released

    Lytid has released the SIRIS (Short-wave InfraRed Imaging System) SWIR camera – a deep cooled SWIR camera based upon a Lin/Log InGaAs sensor from NIT and image

  • Innodisk to Release Blockchain SSD

    Innodisk’s new-patented blockchain technology brings to its latest SSD solution “InnoBTSTM SSD”, which the company say alleviates these concerns through the sophisticated use of digital

  • FLIR Systems Launches Radiometric Version of Camera 

    FLIR Systems say its new Boson® camera core represents the best in high-performance uncooled thermal imaging technology within a small, lightweight, and low-power package. Now,

  • Amazon Predictive Maintenance Service Released

    Ingesting sensor data from a customer’s industrial equipment (e.g. pressure, flow rate, RPMs, temperature, and power), Amazon Lookout trains a machine learning model to accurately

  • Your Guide to: Pepperl+Fuchs’ First Digital Exhibition

    Pepperl+Fuchs and its subsidiaries VMT and ecom are pioneering a “new event format” with their first Digital virtual trade fair. Offering new and existing customers

  • Lanner Network Appliances Validated as NVIDIA GPU Cloud-Ready Platforms

    Lanner Electronics, a global leader in SDN/NFV network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms, announces that its hyper-converged infrastructure appliance, the FX-3420, and Edge AI

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