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Allied Vision introduces new features for Mako GigE cameras with Sony IMX sensors

Allied Vision


Allied Vision (Stadtroda, Germany) has extended the feature set of the Mako G cameras equipped with the Sony Pregius CMOS sensor following a firmware update.

The Mako G-040, Mako G-158, Mako G-234, Mako G-319 as well as Mako G-507 now support IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support and action commands for triggering the camera via the Ethernet connection (ToE).

These cameras, said Allied Vision, now offers a more comprehensive feature set, the latest Sony CMOS sensors, and support for popular C- and CS-Mount lenses in an ultra-compact housing (29 mm × 29mm). With the new features, the Mako G cameras are particularly suitable for use in multi-camera applications.

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