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AIVION releases new HDMI interface for Tamron block cameras


AIVION, a leading provider of video interface solutions, has released the next generation of the HDMI interfaces for the Tamron Ultra-Compact Camera Modules MP1010M-VC and MP1110M-VC.

The Interface Board TL8652 can be mounted on the side of the camera. With a size of 61 mm to 42 mm, the board fits optimal to the size of the camera. It is suitable for security and surveillance applications and an extensive range of customizations.

The Tamron camera is connected via the LVDS video interface. The new HDMI 1.4 interface board TL8652 supports beside 1080p (50Hz, 30Hz, 25Hz), 720p (60Hz, 50Hz) and 1080i (60Hz, 50Hz) also 1080p60Hz.

The board has a Micro-USB connector for the power supply (5V DC). The Tamron block cameras can also be controlled with the AIVION Camera Control software via this USB port. Other control interfaces such as RS232 and
TTL are also integrated.

The additional version TL8652A has an onboard MEMS microphone on the bottom side. Sound waves can pass to the microphone through a small PCB hole.

The camera evaluation kits TL8652-EVK-MP1010M-VC and TL8652-EVK-MP1110M-VC include a Tamron MP1010M-VC or the new Tamron MP1110M-VC camera depending on the kit. The kit contains all items to easily connect camera, interface & monitor and computer/ control unit. It contains the HDMI Board (TL8652), a USB cable (TL-EVK-USB2-A-MICROB), a High-Speed HDMI Cable with HDMI-A 19 and 1 HDMI Micro-D 19 pin male connector (TL-EVK-HDMI-MICRO-D) and a 30 pin KEL USL type micro coaxial cable for the LVDS connection.

“Tamron’s Full HD camera modules are very compact imaging solutions with excellent optical performance and optical Vibration-Compensation. The camera modules open up new potential applications in various markets like industrial, medical, inspection, ROV and Security. Our new HDMI Interface Board TL8652 provide OEM’s in these market segments an optimal interface solution while speeding time to market when using our evaluation kit.” said Werner Schoeppner, Sales Director of AIVION.

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