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Active Silicon interface boards support new Sony block camera

  • By Neil Martin
  • News
Active Silicon

The FCB EV7520A, the new block camera from Sony which replaced the discontinued EV7520 model, is fully compatible with the Active Silicon interface boards, the Active FCB-EV-HD-SDI and the Harrier 3G-SDI.

Active Silicon told MVPro Magazine that the combination of Sony’s latest block camera and their trusted hardware offers superior high-definition video and image capture in a compact solution.

It added that it was ideal for robotics, surveillance and traffic applications. The 50x60x89.7mm camera offers 30x optical and 12x digital zoom using a 1/2.8-type CMOS image sensor. Key features include the VISCA command protocol, Advanced Noise Reduction, Auto ICR, Spherical Privacy Zone Masking and Wide Dynamic Range.

(image shows Harrier 3G-SDI Camera Interface Board and Active FCB-EV-HD-SDI Digital Interface Board)

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