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ACM Coatings readies itself for second VISION conference

ACM Coatings is a subsidiary of ACKTAR, a leading global manufacturer of deep-black coatings and foils for straylight-absorption in photonic devices. Both companies are getting ready for their second VISION conference and Alexander Telle, General Manager, is looking forward to Stuttgart

As for the company’s focus on VISION, Alexander told us: “Our ultra-black coatings and foils fit perfectly to every demanding industrial vision task. We are focusing on increasing the awareness of our ultra-black coatings and foils among all relevant customers.

“We want to let know our customers how you can use our products to enhance the performance of their optics and imaging systems.”

The company attends VISION to attract potential new customers: “We hope to get in contact with many new potential customers that maybe haven’t even heard from us. We would like to show them how our products can help to enhance their vision setups by absorbing light or laser power, delivering maximum contrast or suppressing scattered light.”

Alexander is keen to highlight the fact that visitors should visit the company’s booth because the impact of scattered light on the performance of vision systems is often underestimated. This is especially the case beyond the visible spectrum. On the booth visitors will not only see our ultra-black coatings and foils live in different applications, but also how these products can be brought to typical vision and imaging applications.

The company will showcase two main product categories at the VISION conference: ultra-black coatings and ultra-black foils.

The coatings are completely inorganic, non-toxic and non-outgassing. They can be applied to a large number of substrates, have a high level of temperature stability (-269°C to +450°C) and work in a wide spectral range (UV to IR).

Alexander: “Our ultra-black foils are your product of choice for straylight suppression, laser power absorption or the enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio when uncompromised optical performance is required. The foils are available with a self-adhesive backing that allows users to attach it to nearly any substrate easily. Being available as standard sheets or in customized shape, they are your standard solution in challenging straylight issues. Use them for your vision and imaging applications for covering measuring chambers, separation of lighting and imaging channels, black image background, calibration target, aperture or beam dump.

“In optics and photonics applications they fulfil the toughest requirements with regard to light absorption and residual reflection, including under 1st class vacuum and cleanroom conditions.

The main applications for the black coatings are stray light absorption in optical systems, such as portable devices, cameras for mobile phones, automotive applications, sensors and receivers, gauges, pyrometers, spectrometers as well as high-emissivity applications in the technical optics.

The company serves the industries aerospace, laser technology, technical optics, sensor technology, medical technology, biotechnology and industrial imaging.

The products impact of the products to the performance of the applications and systems of our customers is driven by three different approaches:

  • Boosting performance to maximum
    By using our products together with an adjusted optical and mechanical design
  • Optimizing existing systems
    By using our products directly in existing system designs leading to immediate enhancements without additional efforts
  • Simplification:
    The use of our products enables new solutions with reliable performance but reduced complexity of the overall optical and mechanical design.

As for the future, Alexander is optismitc: “The market for photonic application is growing. Therefore, we see ourselves growing. Demanding prospective photonic applications like augmented reality or autonomous driving requires optoelectronic systems that we will equip for best performance.”

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