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TKH increases its cluster with purchase of SVS-Vistek

  • By Lee Mclaughlan
  • News
svs vistek purchase

TKH Group has announced the purchase of vision technology company SVS-Vistek – which provides innovative high-end technologies for imaging systems.

With the acquisition of SVS-Vistek, Dutch-based TKH Group has further strengthened its position in the vision industry as it joins Allied Vision, Chromasens, Mikrotron, NET, and Tattile in its cluster of machine vision enterprises.

Peter Tix, head of the TKH cluster, said: “Our goal is to become the go-to address for anyone facing complex vision challenges.

“With our six sister companies, we cover a scope of expertise that is second to none in the industry with line scan, area scan, high-speed, high-resolution, infrared, and many more technologies.

“We serve a large array of applications ranging from embedded vision modules to industrial, medical, and scientific imaging as well as traffic monitoring solutions.”

The purpose of the cluster is to build on each company’s individual competencies to offer innovative solutions and first-class service to the vision market.

It brings continuous improvements in business excellence and customers’ value add by harvesting the identified synergies between the different companies of the cluster both on the process side as well as on the product solution side, allowing customers a real one-stop-shopping experience.

The companies in the cluster will further deepen their collaboration on technology, manufacturing, logistics and sales channel as well as back-office services towards integrated structures to leverage on the group’s potential and deliver more value to customers and partners.

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