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5MP Machine Vision Camera starting at 98€ / piece


GeT Cameras is the exclusive distributor of machine vision cameras from Daheng Imaging. The USP’s are: low single piece prices (starting at 98€ ) visible online at; industrial quality (3 year warranty and CE certified by TUV Rheinland); and a large vision camera portfolio (>150 different machine vision cameras)

Our mission:

Integrators and OEM customers deserve fair priced camera technology.
Thanks to our online store and smart business model we can offer this
industrial machine vision camera technology for fair prices.

A large industrial vision camera portfolio

GeT Cameras portfolio of industrial vision cameras can be segmented into:

  • USB2 machine vision cameras. With a max resolution of 5MP rolling shutter or 1,3MP global shutter this camera series is ideal for applications where pricing is crucial. USB2 is the cheapest machine vision camera interface available.
  • USB3 vision cameras. USB3 vision cameras are available up to 20MP rolling shutter or 12MP global shutter. Even the high resolution cameras have a good framerate, thanks to the large bandwidth of USB3.
  • GigE vision cameras. These are ideal for applications where longer cable lengths are required. The GigE vision cameras are available up to 20MP rolling shutter or 12MP global shutter.
  • 5GigE Vision cameras. This new interface will become available Q3 2019. It combines the long cable length of standard GigE with the bandwidth of USB3. It will use the standard GigE ports of the PC so no expensive infrastructure is required and due to the high bandwidth, high framerates are possible.
  • 10GigE Vision cameras. These are expected begin 2020. The bandwidth of 10 GigE cameras is 10 times higher than standard GigE. The infrastructure to acquire the images from the 10GigE vision camera is much more expensive therefore these cameras are only used in high end applications where a machine vision camera with high resolution and high framerates are required.

Top 3 reasons for low price per Machine Vision Camera

Online at our webshop for machine vision cameras you can see the price per piece for every product. No account is required to see the pricing information. Our industrial cameras are on average 30 to 50% cheaper than similar products, because of our smart business model:

  • Low Margins: our margins per industrial vision camera are low, because we are convinced that every project or product starts with the order of a single machine vision camera. By offering a low price for a single industrial vision camera, GeT Cameras creates a win-win situation. We believe that you will order higher amount of our machine vision cameras in the future.
  • Low Overhead: GeT Cameras can operate on low overhead costs, where costs on every front are minimized and many processes are automated.
  • No unnecessary features: Daheng imaging industrial vision cameras have standard features such as exposure, gain, white balance control, etc., but do not have features that are rarely used like pixel binning and skipping. By implementing only common used features, less development time and less expensive FPGA’s (Hardware) are needed. This results in a lower cost price per machine vision camera

The Quality of our industrial vision cameras

Our machine vision cameras are CE certified by TUV Rheinland. We do not only meet the European quality standards, we also exceed the quality standards in the machine vision market. All industrial  cameras are subjected to a heavy quality inspection. Every machine vision camera is tested before it leaves the factory. The industrial cameras undergo a 7-day aging test in hot and humid environment and a 72-hours full load test in-house. During the development process of a new machine vision camera, drop tests are performed (dropping the camera from 1 meter onto the ground) and many other tests like EMC testing, durability testing, packaging testing, firmware testing etc. As a result we are proud to provide you a 3 year warranty on our industrial machine vision cameras.

Support for our Machine Vision Cameras

Our website and machine vision camera blog provide a lot of technical information. In the download area you can find drivers for Windows, Linux and for X86 and ARM boards. Our cameras even work on a Raspberry Pi embedded computer. We support many programming languages and hardware platforms. Technical questions are answered ASAP by our techsupport located in The Netherlands or by our colleagues in China. Operating out of 2 time zones, we can provide fast and good support for our industrial machine vision cameras.

Machine vision camera lenses, filters and lights

GeT Cameras also offers machine vision lenses, filters and lights for a very attractive price. We offer C-mount, Telecentric and m12 lenses. To calculate the right focal length for you application, you can use the lenscalculator on our website. We have lens filters for different wave lengths like blue, green, red, UV-CUT, IR-CUT etc. These lens filters are available in different sizes to make sure they fit on the filter thread of our machine vision camera lens.

Questions or buy an industrial machine vision camera?

Are you interested in our machine vision cameras or any of our other products, like our machine vision lenses, filters and lights? Please contact us at We can help you with selecting the right machine vision camera and lens for your application.

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