An Inside Look at the RoboBusiness Conference Keynote Presentations

By Ahmed Elbadry -

Hear from industry thought leaders of Robust.ai, Agility Robotics, Waymo and more

The lineup of keynote presentations at this year’s RoboBusiness Conference promises valuable insights into the trending topics of the robotics industry. We’ll hear from the experts ofleading robotics companies like Robust.ai, Waymo, DHL Supply Chain and Agility Robotics.

Learn more about what you can expect from our keynote presentations below and view the full agenda here.You can explore the exhibit floor here.

Don’t forget to reserve your conference pass to join us October 19-20that the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Attendees of RoboBusiness will also gain access to our Field Robotics Engineering Forum.

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Keynote Presentations


Designing the Robot Future We Want to Live In 

Anthony Jules Founder & CEO | Robust.ai

This farsighted keynote presentation will elucidate the significant business opportunities available for those willing to take the hard road of intentionally designing and developing systems for the positive future we all want to live in – one that enables people to work in true collaboration with machines.


Developing Autonomous Vehicles

Allison Thackston, Technical Lead & Manager | Waymo

Thackston will give attendees an inside look at the major technical challenges involved with developing autonomous vehicles. She will also provide updates on recent deployments and what the future holds for autonomous vehicles.


All In on Innovation: Using Automation to Define the Future of Supply Chain

Sally Miller Chief Information Officer | DHL Supply Chain

This informative keynote session will discuss the state supply chain automation and innovation, including:

  • Why robots and robotics technologies are required for supply chain operations?
  • What automation products and technologies are working?                                                                                                              
  • What automation solutions require optimization and further development?
  • What is the future of logistics automation and how will success be measured?


Building Human-Centric Robots for Real-World Tasks

Jonathan Hurst, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder | Agility Robotics,
Damion Shelton, Co-founder & CEO | Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics co-founders will discuss the development of their bipedal robot, Digit, and how it’s being built to perform real-world tasks such as unloading trailers and moving totes and packages.


Robotics Sector Fundraising and Investment – Status, Trends and Recommendations   

Fady Saad, Founder & General Partner | Cybernetix Ventures
Martyna Waliszewska, Investment Manager | Invest in Odense
Karthee Madasamy, Founder & Managing Partner | Mobile Foundation Ventures
Sherwin Prior, Director | Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund

A panel of leading robotics sector investment professionals will discuss venture capital and private sector investment in companies producing robots or enabling technologies. The discussion will highlight companies, technologies, and applications that have found commercial success or have the potential for doing so.

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