AMD Announces Kria ™ ODM Ecosystem Program

By Matt Williams -

AMD has announced the Kria ™ ODM Ecosystem program to help developers bring adaptive solutions to market faster.

Building upon the success of their Kria portfolio of adaptive system-on-modules (SOMs), AMD has unveiled the KriaTM SOM ODM Partner Ecosystem – a new program designed to deliver production-grade, fully functional Kria SOM-based solutions that help customers get to market faster without the need for dedicated chip-design resources.

For the first time through the new Kria ODM Partner Ecosystem, users can enjoy a turnkey experience with a full software stack and application support backed by established partners with a track record of success.

Currently available ODM partner products developed via the Kria ODM Ecosystem, and powered by the K26 SOM, include:

  • Ectron – IIoT Edge Gateway: Deploy edge analytics and advanced machine control and make the best out of Big Data from smart factories. The cloud-connected Industrial IoT Gateway enables plug-and-play deployments with built-in wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Optomotive – Industrial Smart Camera: Add a programmable, high-speed, industrial camera to your system. Use for laser triangulation, motion capture, industrial process automation, industrial quality control, and more.
  • VVDN – Edge AI Appliance: Deploy an eight-channel AI edge appliance (Kria K26 SOM + Kinara Ara-1 processors) with support for high-performance vision AI applications at a fraction of the cost of competitor’s GPU solution1. Ideal for smart city and retail applications.

Initially targeting smart cities, security, retail, industrial IoT and machine-vision applications, these and other Kria SOM-based solutions developed by AMD’s carefully-vetted industry partners will allow users to take advantage of the processing power and adaptability of Kria SOMs in pre-built, deployment-ready platforms that can be customised, branded and taken to market.

Pre-Built hardware and software platform

Featuring adaptive computing with software and hardware re-programmability, users can quickly add features over the air and optimise system performance according to each task’s needs – providing unparalleled flexibility.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more.

1: See the Kinara Edge AI Appliance Solution Brief for details.

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