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Here’s what I think: over the last ten years the global MV landscape has rapidly progressed and developed, yet, it’s media has not. The industry now needs a new platform, one which reflects the huge opportunities and interesting challenges that lie ahead.

I started my career in MV publishing, then moved across to the equally demanding financial sector, creating titles which have reached their target readership among the UK’s premier adviser groups. And now we are ready to embark on a new challenge: helping to take the Machine Vision industry forward into the multimedia future.

We are proud to introduce MVPro Magazine, our innovative and collaborative multi-media platform designed to disseminate state of the art research and products far more effectively. It puts the industry forward in the digital age. What’s more, it caters for a truly pan-European audience.

MVPro Magazine is specifically intended for the next generation of thought leaders, engineers and developers, across academia and industry. It allows a unique knowledge exchange opportunity and a rare chance to create a new community.

We focus on the business element of the industry.

With the highest quality editorial, cutting edge research, industry and academic networks, and digital marketing expertise, we will help you reach, engage and inform a wider audience. We have earnt our coveted reputation by helping financial professional advisers gain a voice. We have successfully blended traditional publishing and digital marketing – now we want to show what we can do in the MV sector.

Alex Sullivan, Publishing Director


 MVPro Magazine and Digital Platform- the only way to communicate

  • Our Format: Engaging and insightful, with a contemporary look and feel, distributed through dedicated online platform and glossy print magazine.
  • Our Method: Bespoke messages, consistently and timely distributed across all media, connecting challenges and solutions.
  • Our Content: The highest quality editorial and cutting edge content of core products and solutions, delivered through our established networks in academia and industry.
  • Our Reach: Truly Pan-European focus – bridging gaps in the market.
  • Our Partnerships: Media partner to new major academic and industry events.


Our Audiences

To deliver above and beyond our competitors as an interactive multi-media platform, we expand and reinvigorate, and engage and communicate intelligently with key audiences.

Using a more focused and informed approach, we have an experienced creative team, and existing academic and industry networks.

We facilitate and encourage communication between our key audience groups.


Contact us

Publisher: Alex Sullivan

E: alex.sullivan@mvpromedia.eu


Business Development Executive: Cally Bennett

E: cally.bennett@mvpromedia.eu


Editor: Neil Martin

E: neil.martin@mvpromedia.eu