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SP1 stereo vision sensor successors

Two years since the launch of the Nerian Vision Technologies SP1 stereo vision sensor, two successors have been introduced: SceneScan and SceneScan Pro.

The new hardware allows processing rates of up to 100 frames per second at resolutions of up to 3 megapixels, which surpasses the SP1:

The above table illustrates the differences. Whilst SceneScan Pro has the highest possible computing power and is designed for the most demanding applications, SceneScan has been cost-reduced for applications with lower requirements. The customer can thus optimize his embedded vision solution both in terms of costs and technology.

Nerian said that this technology opens up new possibilities for three-dimensional perception, even under difficult conditions. SceneScan will enabled completely new applications in the fields of robotics, automation technology, medical technology, autonomous driving and other domains.