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The smallest smart camera on the market

smallest smart camera on the market

EVT has introduced the EyeCheck ZQ smart camera, which it claims to be the smallest intelligent camera on the market.

The company said that due to the speed, size and light weight of the EyeCheck ZQ smart camera, it’s a perfect solution for any robot arm in the production line in the automotive or electronic industry.

Four LEDs provide onboard illumination. Also included in the EyeCheck ZQ is the EyeVision image processing software. This is suitable for applications such as code reading (bar code, DMC, QR), OCR/OCV, pattern matching, recognizing errors and counting and measuring objects.

The EyeVision software can be programmed via drag-and-drop function, meaning that inspection programs are easily created. The commands are wrapped up in icons, which can be lined up to an inspection program.

The EyeCheck ZQ, is not only very small, but due to the real-time evaluation based on the combination of the EyeVision software and the ZYNQ board, also really fast. The camera can process the application much faster than any other camera of the EyeCheck series, because of the powerful ZYNQ and the DualCore ARM processor.