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SensoPart updates VISOR vision sensor family

SensoPart Industriesensorik (Gottenheim, Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany) has updated its VISOR vision sensor family.

The company said that there are innovative functions for object detection, color detection and code reading. It also said that the 2017 update offers significant functional upgrades for all product versions – VISOR Object, VISORColor, VISOR Code Reader, VISOR Solar and VISORAllround.

VISOR offers several tracking methods, including contour-based position tracking that detects any parts that are out of position and ensures that subsequent inspections are always carried out at the right place.

SensoPart said that the edge-based position tracking function offers new features, with a performance that is unique on the market of visions sensors. It detects objects that have undergone a slight rotation (by up to approx 30°), without the need to teach a sample, or contour.

This makes it suitable for very fast processes, such as conveyor belts, or for use with wobbling parts.

What’s more, simplified sensor management for multiple sensors in large plants has also been introduced for all VISOR products. Users can create their own favourites list in the software, which provides a clear overview of all the sensors in different areas of the plant.