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MVPro Friday news round-up: from planned autumn events, to new sensors and cameras

Machine vision news

Every Friday we give you a snap shot of the week’s machine vision news; some we’re covered, some we’re about to cover and some we just don’t want you to miss.

You can tell summer is gearing up, because news is starting to come into the MVPro office about events happening in the autumn months.

Anyone looking for a machine vision conference bargain should hurry along to the early discount rate page for the 2nd European Machine Vision Forum. The event focuses on next generation vision systems for industry, including computational imaging, machine learning and more.

And if deep learning for computer vision is your thing, then it would good to be in Germany in September when The Embedded Vision Alliance is offering a training course.

Before we leave the subject on conferences, someone sent us news about the Ovum Industry Congress in London. They asked if we were ready to implement the latest benefits from AI, cloud-native, or IoT within our organisation. I’m not sure to be honest, but if you are, then what they describe as a flagship annual congress, happening for the seventh year in a row, on 10-11 October, will bring together 350+ attendees with 70% enterprise audience for a two-day show on the specifics of how to harness technology to achieve digital business goals.

Moving onto product news, FRAMOS has told us that SONY has launched a highly sensitive 4/3″ CMOS Sensor for 4K Surveillance. Its optimized for use in security cameras and industrial applications. The back-illuminated CMOS Starvis sensor achieves a 4K resolution with 10.7 megapixels at a high frame rate of 120 fps.

The company’s sensor expert Anna Neschitsch told us: “With a frame rate of 120 fps at 10 bits and a 4K resolution, the IMX294 is ideal for high-speed video applications. For applications with higher sensitivity requirements, the new sensor still achieves an excellent frame rate of 60 fps in HDR mode, making it perfect for surveillance applications. Its high sensitivity of 1,700 mV and high saturation of 970 mV values ensure very high quality for image analysis and evaluation, particularly in low light conditions. In addition, the proprietary high-speed SLVS-EC interface enables image transmission over fewer signal lines. This sensor is additionally equipped with a universal MIPI (CSI-2) interface and supports the connection to an all-purpose ISP (image signal processor) for direct preprocessing of data.”

Emergent Vision Technologies said they are coming out with a new 50MP Camera soon. The company said that the latest models, HR-50000 & HT50000, are setting a new standard in advanced imaging technologies for applications ranging from broadcast sports to high speed inspection.  In terms of spec, at full resolution (7920×6004), users get 23 frames per second and the cameras offer various triggering modes for the precise synchronization at <1µs.  This combination is ideal for any application needing to see the details at real time imaging speeds.

There’s a new smart colour sensor from SensoPart. Called the FT 55-CM, it’s said to be ideal for diverse color detection and sorting applications.

That’s it, have a very happy weekend and keep in touch.

Neil Martin, Editor