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Adimec to demonstrate 4k extended day cameras at DSEI


Adimec (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), a world leader of industrial camera solutions, will showcase its global security products at the 2017 DSEI event in London on 12 to 15 September, 2017.

Particularly, it will display and discuss the enhancements to its TMX series of rugged full HD and 4K resolution cameras to provide full motion video in daylight on airborne payloads, long-range observations systems and other sensor system architectures.

All of the company’s TMX cameras are designed for operational use in environmentally challenged systems with the focus on small size, low weight and low power.

For example, the TMX55 is a global shutter CMOS 4K camera that provides excellent imaging from low to high light scenes with optimal contrast reproduction and excellent colour processing.

At the full resolution of 4096 x 2160, the TMX-55 can maintain a maximum frame rate of 30 fps at a maximum of one frame latency with the CoaXPress interface. In the TMX cameras, the implementations of color processing, auto exposure control, automatic white balance and auto contrast enhancement secure reliable true scene observation under ever-changing outdoor conditions.

Developed by Adimec, Adaptive Resolution is a functionality in the TMX cameras which eliminates the concerns with the smaller pixel size of CMOS image sensors and the need to change optics. Adaptive Resolution is proprietary interpolation algorithms in the camera to adapt CMOS pixels to deliver equivalent, or better image quality as CCD at the same field of view. The new CMOS pixels outperform CCD pixels of the same size with higher sensitivity, higher dynamic range and higher MTF (especially for Bayer RGB color). A further benefit is digital zoom capability.