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Pixelink launches new version of Pixelink Capture


Pixelink (Ottawa, Canada), a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and microscopy markets, has released a new version of their software application Pixelink Capture.

The new release adds an enhanced set of callback filters; improved video and still frame capture mechanisms; the ability to flip and rotate images; and, enhanced region of interest (ROI) capability. It also supports continuous auto exposure, user interface enhancement and support for the latest Pixelink Cameras, which utilize the Sony Pregius IMX264, IMX267 and IMX304 image sensors.

Vice President of Engineering Lisanne Glavin said: “I am very pleased and proud with this new release of Pixelink Capture. We have a talented team of engineers, here at Pixelink, and their commitment to quality is reflected in this new release that offers improved functionality to this best in class software application.”

President of Pixelink Paul Saunders added: “We are constantly looking to improve the user experience for our customers. We are excited about this new release. Customers using our cameras to build vision application solutions can now take advantage of this robust piece of software to better their multi-camera inspection application development and processes.”

Pixelink is a Navitar company.